Broadwell Christian Hospital

Broadwell Christian Hospital

was founded in 1909 by two missionaries and since then for a long time has been a major source of medical relief to the people of Fatehpur. After the missionaries left in the late sixties, it was taken up by the Emmanuel Hospital Association in 1973.

About the District

The district of Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh is one of the worst 100 districts in India in terms of all health statistics, poverty, sanitation, literacy and economic development. Even though the Ganga and the Yamuna flows on both sides of the district, we see maximum poverty along the banks of the rivers. Most of the children are malnourished and suffer from easily treatable diseases. Death and disease are common. Most of these villages are inaccessible. Out of the 13 blocks in this district, 4 blocks are yet to access electricity.

Hospital Services

The following services are provided in this hospital.

  • Deliveries - More than 100 deliveries per month
  • Antenatal Care, Normal Deliveries, Caesarian sections,
  • Neonatal Care, Pediatric Cases
  • General Surgeries
  • Medical Cases

In the past year, the hospital has seen more than 10,000 patients at the OPD and over 2000 inpatients and conducted over 300 major operations.

Field work is presently confined to only one block where the hospital is building the capacity of the health workers. The hospital is working to create awareness on Maternal and child health, HIV, tuberculosis and gender issues. There is considerable effort to enable the people to be economically self sufficient through the formation of self help groups (SHGs) and vocational training. 2 cycle rickshaws have been given on loan to one SHG .The hospital functions as a training centre for other vocations such as organic farming, dairy, and poultry and fish culture in the near future.


The hospital's vision for this place is to be able to give the love of Jesus to these downtrodden people who have only experienced rejection, exploitation and humiliation. This requires us to go into the depths of their lives and take up their burdens and provide what we can out of our limited capabilities.


Dr. Sujith Varghese Thomas, MBBS, MS (General Surgery) from CMC, Vellore is managing the hospital as Medical Supt. He has additional experience in Colorectal Surgery trained from Vellore.  He is now doing gynaecological and urological surgeries also and also does the role of main paediatrician and physician.

Dr. Sunitha Varghese MBBS, MD (Community Medicine), Gold medalist, also from CMC, Vellore is the Community Project Director and manages the Community Department. She is also tied up with other duties being the only obstetrician and gynaecologist in the hospital.